Central Coast happens to be one of the thriving nightlife hubs in Australia. And this nightlife features some of the best strippers Central Coast has. To the outside world, it always looks like the strippers Central Coast features are having the time of their lives. 

However, we decided to make some realistic findings by interviewing some strippers in the Central Coast to understand the realistic aspect of Central Coast stripping. Most of the facts explained in this article are compiled facts from some of the best strippers Central Coast has. 

1. You need to have fun stripping.

I’ve always enjoyed the sense of levity that comes with teasing and sexuality. I used to be a burlesque dancer when I was twelve years old because it is really sexual. I started with ballet when I was three years old, then moved on to jazz and hip-hop, then standard and Latin American dancing, and finally belly dancing. I’ve been dancing my whole life. When I danced, I was still in sync with my body and watched myself in the mirror. For one thing, it gave me confidence, and as a result, I can walk really well. I have advanced training as a musician, but I believe it is an exception. I’ve yet to see any stripper who’s also a dancer.

I started stripping not long after meeting my fiance. I came to a halt shortly after that. Of course, he didn’t like it, and I still felt like I was cheating on him. Stripping ceased to be enjoyable at some stage. And if it isn’t fun for you and you give off the vibe, you won’t be able to earn any income. And other individuals, on the other hand, are very good at keeping their job and personal lives apart. Maybe I’m way too young for that. My engagement is now failing, so I’m considering returning to stripping abroad.

2. You can find work as a stripper by asking the right people – or by asking directly in a club.

I used to meet a girl who did stripping as a side hustle. It is done by a large number of students and interns. She introduced me to her manager, who invited me to come in and serve on a trial basis. He saw how I danced and handled myself and instantly hired me. Since strip clubs have such a high turnover of staff, you’ll usually be able to find something easily — as long as you look decent and can dance to some extent. Really, as long as you have breasts, you don’t need to be able to dance very well. Contrary to popular belief, not many girls are proficient in the practice of pole dancing. click here to learn more about pole dancing.

3. The hours are fairly flexible.

I worked four days a week on average. I collected about 1,000 euros a week there, all in cash. There were a few girls working there, but only on a 600 euro per month basis for benefits. However, they were paid more than that. Other girls work for themselves. However, I don’t believe either of them report their true earnings on their tax returns.

4. A normal work night starts around 10 p.m.

Our club opens at 10 p.m., and we arrive about a half-hour before. We apply make-up, adjust… someone is running around half-naked because their bra or whatever is in another dressing room. The first guests arrive at ten o’clock or half past ten o’clock. The girls will already be out on the sidelines, smoking – they all do. I was the only one that didn’t smoke. When it’s whole, we go over to the guests and speak with them, try to sell them lap dances or drink something with them, and just talk with them. Either you get rebuffed or you do something for them. I get home at 5 a.m. during the week and an hour later on weekends. 

5. As a stripper, you are often more than just a dancer

I immediately ruled out being involved with visitors because I had a boyfriend. Previously, I did it with two or three beautiful guys. I thought they were great, so I decided to do it. Strippers, on the other hand, normally do better. I’d guess that 60% of the girls would go to a room with men they didn’t want on a daily basis.

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6. Guests who act stupidly get kicked out…

There were support buttons in the club’s rooms downstairs. As this button is pressed, security officials will appear within seconds. Upstairs, what we had to do was lift our hand and gesture to someone, and they’d be tossed out. I’d agree that we girls are well taken care of. This is significant because the visitors will regard you with reverence at first, at least on the surface, but as time passes and levels rise, you will see how the respect fades. Then we’re treated as if we’re a piece of beef.

7. But they can still be pretty unpleasant to deal with.

I’ve never hit anybody, but I have been hit in the room once. Of course, the police are called in such situations. Any of the visitors can become very ill. Fortunately, those are extraordinary circumstances.

8. There’s really nobody at the club whom you can turn to with your problems.

We might, in principle, go to the boss at any moment. We should inform him that someone has done something inappropriate, and that person will be barred from entering. But don’t ask him to help you with your mental health. There are a few girls at the club who have drug and alcohol issues, and they are left alone. Of course, there are promises of assistance outside – but I’m not sure how much those women will need them. Many people are seriously ill, and it’s not always easy to notice how sick you are.

9. Drugs are always present.

In either case, alcohol plays a significant role. As a stripper, I think I drank every day – if only for the money. If a visitor buys you a beer, you get a cut. That means I make money off of it. And, of course, it improves and simplifies the evening. Such drugs exist as well. Almost every day, I was given something or other by the tourists. Most strippers, I believe, use drugs to shut it all out and avoid hearing what’s going on downstairs. It may sound cliche, but one thing leads to another. You get paid a lot of money for moving downstairs to a room in exchange for a very little job. However, this task is difficult, and it is made simpler by the drugs. 

Final thoughts

With what we’ve discussed, you probably understand things from a realistic perspective as regards the strippers Central Coast has.