Are you looking to become one of the best strippers Central Coast has? If yes, we’ve compiled some tips that’ll help you become one of the best strippers Central Coast has. We advise that you read this article with rapt attention as we’ll be divulging some actionable tips.



Finding the right club is similar to dating in that it requires commitment and a “feeling” to choose the one that is right for you. The club you have access to will be determined by where you live, but you can first look up all of the clubs in your neighborhood. Read the reviews, compare the score ratings, and make a list of the ones you want to try out.

Visit the club as a CUSTOMER

Many clubs allow girls for free or at a reduced rate, so scouting them out should be easy. Visit around the hours that you plan to work to get the full sense of what it’s like to work there. Before you enter, look at the parking lot and see if it is packed or vacant. Keep in mind the day of the week; on the weekend, the parking lot would be much busier than on a Tuesday afternoon. Examine the club’s security; do you see bouncers outside or on the floor? Small community clubs can have fewer bouncers than larger tourist clubs, but safety should still be a priority. You should still feel Secure! Especially since the club closes at 2 a.m. and everybody is going back to their cars. It is mandatory to have a bouncer escort you to your car. When you’re there, chat with the strippers and find out what it’s like to work there. Inquire about the club’s administration, splits, and length of employment. It’s a positive thing if you notice that any of the dancers have been there for a long time.

Talk to the hiring manager

You need to speak to the recruiting manager about being hired now that you’ve found a club(s) that you want to work at! Few clubs will need you to audition, while others will not. It is all up to the club, but speaking with the management is the first move. They can inquire about your background, where you’ve previously worked, and why you’re interested in working at their establishment. Bring your identification and social security number in case they need you to fill out paperwork. If auditions are needed, bring a pair of Pleaser heels and a g-string/thong in case they want you to audition right away. Here’s a rundown on what you can wear to the club:

  1. ID
  2. Social Security Card
  3. Stripper Shoes
  4. G String (or lingerie set)


How to become a successful stripper in Central Coast


If you’ve never danced before, remember the practice makes great. Or, at the very least, repetition makes perfect. You will watch videos that will assist you thanks to the internet! You don’t have to dance on the pole, but you can learn a few writhing and dancing steps on stage. Pleaser stripper heels are a must if you intend on entertaining! Pleaser heels last a long time and are well priced (between $50 and $80). To practice, get a pair of Pleaser shoes (5” or higher) that you can wear on stage. Train on a friend, a teddy bear, a mirror, or something else to gain confidence and perfect your movements. There will be many dance locations in the club, including a stage, a table, tables, and couches. Getting to know each of them can help you avoid uncomfortable situations with customers. Dancing for a customer on a tiny chair in 10″ stilettos is even more difficult than you imagine!

Stage Dancing

Learn a few basic strategies for moving the body around the board. Remember that the customer’s eye level is at the tip rail, so they’re looking UP at you. What you do on stage is right in front of their eyes, and the way you rock your body (and shake your booty) will improve your TIPS. click here to know some advice for a dancer.

Pole Dancing

You don’t have to be an acrobat to be a stripper, but you should be able to perform on the pole when onstage. First and foremost, purchase a pole to train with at home. If you want to make a career out of stripping, you’ll need to learn more technical pole tricks. You may, however, begin by simply integrating the pole into your dance routine. There’s no need for twists, twirls, or acrobatics! Using some of the stage routine’s simple movements, use the pole as a prop to touch, caress, and make provocative moves with. Patrons want you to fulfill a dream for them, so imagining the pole as an extension of their [insert body part here] would almost certainly earn you money!

Chair and Couch Dancing

Once you’ve hustled on stage, it’s time to hit the floor and start doing private dances for audience members. The aim is to get your customers to the Champagne (VIP) room, where they will have 1:1 time with you and you will make more money! However, dancing for patrons as others watch is a wonderful experience on the stage. If another potential customer likes what he or she sees, they’ll want to accompany you to the VIP room. The only way to do this is to perfect the lap dance! visit to learn more about chair dancing.


What is your most cherished fantasy? Determine your style. You’re meeting a dream for many customers that they can’t find somewhere else. Are you the girl next door, a punk rocker, a housewife, an innocent, a whore, or a dominatrix? Take on the position of your alter ego and own it. Only be aware that if you pick a dominatrix style, patrons who wish to be manipulated will want you to be the aggressor. Choose a theme that you can play out if necessary.

Spend money to make money

If you’ve never stripped before, then you’ll need to buy (invest in) shoes and outfits. To reserve the stage at any club, you must pay a fee in advance. You are, in essence, an individual worker that uses the club to work. Some clubs can charge a fee of $20 to $50 per stage dance, which you must pay before entering the stage. Remember to carry cash with you to pay for these upfront rentals before beginning your change. Following your change, you would be asked to pay the ‘house tax’ as well as other club employee tips. My club wanted a 30% house fee at the end of each transfer. Think again if you think you should ‘cover’ your tips and spend less. Clubs will count each of the dances and performances during the night to ensure that you pay the correct amount at the end of each shift. It costs money to look like a goddess, but it is necessary to make a good impression. Let your nails polished and keep your bikini line trimmed at all times. Your coochie doesn’t have to be bald, but a neatly cut landing strip would do. Remember that since these services are required for your company, they can be used as a tax write-off!

Before you dance on stage

Choose the soundtrack for your pole dancing. DON’T Rock TO THE SAME Tune AS Some GIRLFRIEND IN THE CLUB. That is a major no-no. If any dancer picks your album, make sure you have a few choices to choose from. Don’t hesitate to choose a stage name. It’s important to have a name that isn’t your real name in a world full of unknowns. You don’t want anyone knowing your real name and maybe searching for you online or figuring out where you live. It is important to use and adhere to a stage name. Choose a name that fits you. If you can’t decide, alcoholic beverages like tequila sunrise, Hennessey, and champagne are all fun options. If you can’t think about something creative, decent stripper names should be simple to recall. A simple advice is to choose a name that begins with the first letter of your name. If your name is Janet, a name like Jessica is simple to recall.

Final thoughts

With the tips we discussed in this article, you can well be on your way to becoming one of the best strippers Central Coast has to offer.